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Distribution and Fulfillment

As a Sales and Marketing professional, you're focused on developing/executing your department's plan and ensuring your team and tactics are on point to grow revenue. Or perhaps as a Human Resources professional, you're focused on building and performance managing your organization's team.

The opportunity cost of you investing your time finding the perfect promotional products, branded apparel, client or employee gifts, and print products can be a silent resource drain.

That's where Creativate Marketing Group can help!


Let's be honest. You hate packing for vacations and you can't gift wrap. Fulfillment and kitting is an actual business. People have failed
collegiate programs that focus exclusively on this stuff! Why waste
your time - or your staff's - hastily bundling together generic
products in FedEx boxes just to miss delivery deadlines?

We love this piece of the business. When we opened our first iPhone
and saw the beauty and simplicity of the package - yet the
sophistication - we felt better about forking out way more money than made sense for a phone at the time. That's when we realized - we're fulfillment freaks!

So, let's start with the basics - what can we do?

At its simplest level, fulfillment is basically buying or producing a
lot of what you need, storing it, and shipping it out in individual
quantities when you or your customers actually need it. And at its
most complex level, kitting and fulfillment is bundling together a
grouping of customized deliverables in branded packaging and
automatically distributing it upon order within our electronic portal.

We've built systems, processes, and web-based portals to simplify all
of this. Our Team is waiting to kit your order! Just speak with your
Client Concierge about your needs and we'll map out a custom proposal to ensure seamless execution of your concept.

How It Works:

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